Making technology businesses famous since 2004.

We are a PR and marketing agency that helps technology businesses to connect with their audiences.

We achieve this by using our experience to match the raw materials within your business to the perfect format and distribution channel.

We know how good content can generate leads.


Consider using our services if ...

1. Your business is delivering innovative work and you feel that the media should be writing about it.

2. It would be useful for your sales team if potential cusomers were more aware of your business and its offerings. 

3. You already have in-house marketing expertise but feel that some additional creative input could help take your marketing and PR to the next level.

4. You've been burnt by expensive, international PR agencies charging a lot and delivering very little. 

5. You are already generating great content but you're not not making it work as hard is it could. 

6. You are one of the market leaders, yet your competitors have a much greater media presence. 


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"Giant were instrumental in building our strategy and establishing the intricate balance between content and distribution.  MEF Minute now accounts for 70 per cent of our overall site traffic - smart company communications in every sense.”

Joanne Lacey, COO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum